Terms and Conditions of Boarding

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Our charges include: water, daily cleaning, heated sleeping area, gentle grooming, administering prescribed medication (when provided by owner), toys and insurance.

Our charges do not include: specialist grooming, food and special diets (owners to provide), veterinary attention not covered by our insurance.

Notes on Payment:

1.  Full payment is required prior to or on arrival.

2. Payment of boarding fees can be either by bank transfer, cheque or cash.

3.  There is a minimum charge equivalent to three days boarding.

4.  Charges are made per night provided collection is before 12:00 midday on departure day.

5.  We reserve the right, at our discretion, to charge for cancellations as follows:

      a.  If a confirmed booking is cancelled 8 days or more prior to booking, then a £10 cancellation fee per cat will be charged.

       b. Cancellations within 7 days will result in full fees being due.

6.   In the event of owners returning before the end of the period for which the cat(s) is / are booked, the full period will be charged.


Customers will appreciate that the following conditions are essential in order to safeguard the care, health and welfare of all cats boarded and for the smooth and efficient running of the cattery. We are very happy to accept any breed of cat provided that:

1.   Cats have a valid current vaccination certificate for Cat Flu and Enteritis.
Primary vaccinations and boosters must have been given at least 7 days before cats are accepted into the cattery.

2.  Owners must produce an up to date vaccination certificate on arrival. The vaccination certificate will be checked by the proprietor before any cat is accepted for boarding.

3.   Cats should be treated for fleas and worms prior to being boarded. Any cats found to have fleas and or worms will be treated at owners expense.

4.  The proprietor has the right to refuse to take any cat displaying signs of illness.

5.   The proprietor has the right to seek veterinary advice for any cat(s) which develop signs of illness whilst boarded. The cost of any such veterinary care will be payable by the owner on collection of the cat.

6.  Cats must be delivered / available for collection in suitable SECURE carriers. The proprietor will not be responsible for any cat which escapes from its carrier.

7.  Un-neutered male cats over the age of seven months will not be accepted for boarding.

8.  If any cat(s) is / are not collected within 14 days of the due date for collection and no communication is received, the proprietor is authorised to sell / dispose of the cat(s) at their discretion.

9.   Whilst every care and precaution is taken during boarding, responsibility for cats and their property can only be accepted at the owner’s risk.


Please feel free to bring your cats own bedding, scratching post or favourite toys if desired. This will make your cat(s) feel more at home and comfortable.

The safety, care and comfort of your cat(s) is paramount to Westcott Cattery. If you have any questions on the above Terms & Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us.