About Us

Westcott Cattery is a FAB listed, established and well respected cattery within East Sussex that endeavours to provide the highest standards of care, comfort, safety and accommodation for your cats during your absence. Our services include the following:

  • Fully Insulated and Heated Accommodation.
  • Collection and Delivery Services.
  • Feeding Food of Owners Choice.
  • Bed and Bedding Provided. (Own personal bed/bedding may be used if preferred)
  • Long Term Boarding Undertaken.
  • Feeding of prescription diets provided by owner.
  • Toys and scratching post provided.
  • Medication of cats delivered.
  • Care of Diabetic cats provided.
  • Care of Elderly or Disabled Cats provided.
    Westcott Cattery is always open to discussion about the provision of other specified services and aims to provide the best possible care specific to the needs of all cats in our care. We treat all of our guests as we ourselves would expect to be treated if we were staying in holiday accommodation.

Our long-standing dream of running our own Cattery has come to fruition and our undivided attention is focused on Westcott Cattery so that we may deliver the highest quality services for owners wishing to board their cats with us. Our fondness of animals ensures that all of our cats will be treated as our own pets during their stay with us.